Upcoming Changes in GST Return Filing

The new GST Return Scheme had been launched on a trial basis from July, 2019 and the full-fledged implementation of it was supposed to be carried out from April, 2020. This new GST Return Scheme was further postponed to 1st October, 2020.

The Summary of the new scheme proposed is as follows:

  • A main return was proposed called FORM GST RET- 1 which will include the details about the outward and inward supplies details regarding payment of taxes & availing ITC respectively.
  • The main return shall include two annexures called FORM GST ANX-1 (Annexure of outward supplies) & FORM GST ANX-2 (Annexure of inward supplies)
  • This particular return shall be filed monthly except in case of those taxpayers whose turnover doesn’t exceed Rs.5 crores in the previous year (taxpayers whose turnover doesn’t exceed Rs.5 crore shall opt for quarterly filing of the return) after due payment of monthly tax in FORM GST PMT-08.

However, as per the latest announcement, the Government seems to have scrapped the new GST return Scheme and have aimed at implementing betterments in the existing compliances. The following proposal was made with fewer burdens of compliances, making it easier for the taxpayers to file the returns:

  • Changes related to GSTR-3B – This form will have the GST tax liability auto populated through linking with GSTR-1 & GSTR-2A.
  • Changes related to GSTR- 1 – De-linking of GSTR-1 Invoices for Credit or Debit Notes. So now we can enter the details of credit or debit notes which are issued at the final adjustment.
  • Changes related to GSTR-2A – This form will include a feature with the help of which the taxpayer can compare Form GSTR-2A with its purchase register & also an improved table with the help of which tax liability & ITC can be compared ITC Auto population from ICEGATE portal will be available for which IGST paid at the time of Imports.
  • A New Form GSTR-2B – This form shall be similar to GSTR-2A containing details of the purchases with added details about the Input Tax Credit. This will be a completely new comprehensive ITC information return form.