Modifications in applicability of E-invoicing under GST

The CBIC has released another latest Notification after amending certain provisons regarding apllicability of E-invoicing under GST vide Notification No. 61/2020- Central Tax dated 30th July, 2020. There are two major amendments published in this latest Notification:

  1. Through this notification the CBIC has notified that the generation of e-invoice will be mandatory only for those registered taxpayers whose turnover exceeds INR 500 crore in a Financial Year [ Earlier the limit was INR 100 crore.]
  2. Irrespective of the turnover limit in point no.1, E-invoicing shall not be applicable to the registered taxpayers having business (units) in Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

According to this Notification, following are the registered person to whom E-invoicing is not applicable,

  • Registered person in the business of insurance, banking (including NBFC) or Financial Instituition.
  • Goods Transport Agency (GTA) services.
  • Registered person supplying passenger transportation services.
  • Registered person supplying services by way of admission to the exhibition of cinematography films in multiplex screens.
  • Units in Special Economic Zones (SEZ). [ Added vide Notification No.61/2020-Central Tax dated 30th July,2020.]