Amendment in Companies (Appointment and Qualification of Directors) Rules, 2014

Inclusion of Independent Director’s Name in data bank  

Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) vide notification dated 24th June, 2020 has amended Rule 6 of Companies  (Appointment and Qualification of Directors) Rules, 2014 to extend the due date of applying for inclusion of Independent  Director’s (ID) name in data bank maintained by the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA).

The prescribed time limit for such registration application under Rule 6(1)(a) has now been extended again to 30th September 2020 from 30th June 2020 (within seven months from 1st December 2019).


Every individual, as mentioned below, shall apply online to IICA for inclusion of their name in data bank for a period of  1year/5years/lifetime. 

Who Should applyPrescribed time
Individual who has been already appointed as ID as on 1st December 2019Within 10months from 1st December 2019, i.e 30th September 2020