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The Macro-Economic indicators for the month signaled at a strong economic growth across all sectors of the economy.

Proposed Amendment- Distribution of ITC by the Input Service Distributor GST-update-Interim-Budget-Input-Service-Distributor Download PDF:-

As per the Amendment made by the Finance Act, 2023 clause (h) has been inserted under section 43B,

Introduction of the new OI Rules has made it mandatory to file APR based on the audited financial

Macro-Economic indicators for the month reflects expansion throughout the economy at a moderate pace. While CPI inflation is

CBDT extends time limit for passing order under section 73 and ITC reversal and reclaim GST-Date-Extension-ITC-Reversal-Reclaim-Order-Under-Section-73 Download PDF:-

Under e-campaign, the income tax department sends emails/SMS to identified taxpayers to verify their financial transactions related to

The Macro-Economic indicators for the month gave mixed signals. Foreign trade numbers have declined due to the global

Clarification on GST Appeal 10% Pre-deposit requirement GST-Appeal-PreDeposit-from-Electornic-Credit-Ledger Download PDF:-

The assessee admittedly duly recorded and disclosed the investment in foreign entity in its audited balance-sheet and also

The Hon’ble Supreme Court has made a ruling on availing benefits under MFN clause of India’s income tax

The macro-economic Indicators for the month gave mixed signals with strong domestic demand during the festive season, while

The Government has mandated private companies to convert and maintain its securities to dematerialised form before September 30,

The Macro-Economic indicators for the month signal at strong growth in India’s economic activities. World economies are on

Clarification on GST on Corporate Guarantee. Note-on-GST-on-Corporate-Guarantees-1 Download PDF:-

CBDT has notified procedure, format and standards for filling an application for grant of certificate under sub-rule (4)

The Macro-Economic indicators for the month signal a blurry picture in India’s growth activities. While credit growth and

New e-Form 71 for TDS Credit

The CBDT has notified the *Form No 71* to e- file rectification u/s 155(20) to allow TDS in